23 Minutes In Hell


The Story of Bill Wiese’s 23 Minutes In Hell

Watch this powerful interview with Bill Wiese, author of 23 Minutes In Hell and 23 Questions From Hell. God granted Bill an out of body experience in which he visited Hell for 23 minutes and endured some of the many torments Hell has to offer. Bill is and was a devout Christian. We must presume that God showed Bill Hell so that he could return and tell others about it. We prefer to bring you the Good News of Jesus Christ, rather than dwelling on the darker parts of the Bible. But to ignore the Bible’s warnings about Hell would be folly. So many don’t believe in Hell and many more think there is no chance they are going. If you know someone like that, share this interview with them!

And the devil, who deceived them, was thrown into the lake of burning sulfur, where the beast and the false prophet had been thrown. They will be tormented day and night for ever and ever. – Revelations 20:10

Everyone is curious about the afterlife, and now Wiese shares his insights to commonly asked questions such as:

  • Is hell a literal burning place?
  • Where is hell?
  • Do you have a body in hell?
  • Are there Degrees of punishment in hell?
  • Are there children in hell?
  • Can Demons torment people in hell?
  • Can “good” people go to hell?

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Nov 18

Bishop TD Jakes-This is No Time to Lose Your Head

Ephesians 6:17: Now take the Helmet of Salvation! It is important to protect your head. Casting down imaginations & every high thing exalting itself against the knowledge of God.

You’re in a head fight, You’re in a head-butting contest with the devil. When your mind gets out your HEAD will MOVE into another dimension!

You’re on the verge of a great blessing, in order to get it you have to remain sober. Stand on what you know.  Your feelings will never cooperate with your dreams so separate your feelings from what you know.  The Word of God.


Nov 18

The Advantages of Adversity

imagesIn times of hardship, when we feel alone and forgotten, it’s easy to wonder, “Why me?” That’s because we’re focused on our problem instead of God’s purpose. Dr. David Jeremiah continues his look at the life of Joseph, which illustrates how hard times can lead to huge rewards.


May 06

Does the Mark of the Beast and the Anti-Christ Come From Islam?

Walid Shoebat was born into a Arab Muslim family in Bethlehem. As a teen he joined the PLO and was involved in numerous acts of terror. In 1993 he was challenged by his wife to “point out the corruptions in the Bible” and a miracle occurred — he found that all he had believed was a lie and found the truth!

  • Understand that Bible prophecy clearly reveals that the 10 nation alliance will not be European, but Muslim nations!
  • Discover what the Scriptures say about the United States’ role in Bible prophecy!
  • Learn that Islam’s “Mahdi” (their long awaited Messiah) fits the exact Biblical description of the Anti-Christ!
  • Find out the shocking truth about the meaning of 666, the “Mark of the Beast!”
  • Uncover the truth that Allah is not the same God as that of Christians and Jews!


May 02

Satan You Can’t Have My Children!

Access God’s Promises For Your Children


We fight in a spiritual war, and there is nowhere that this is more apparent than in our homes. Satan and his demons would like nothing better than to break up our families and disrupt the lives of our children.

In Satan, You Can’t Have My Children, Iris Delgado provides an essential guide for anyone who wants to win the spiritual battle for their children. Filled with practical principles and Scripture-based prayers, this book gives you the confidence and faith to stand firm against the influences and attacks of the devil.

You will discover how to:

  • Tap into the supernatural power of the Holy Spirit to protect and fight for your children
  • Put a spiritual warfare plan into action through Scripture and prayer
  • Establish an attitude of peace in your home when you have willful or disobedient children
  • Bring down demonic strongholds, including hidden secrets and demonic attacks

God’s power is greater than the power of the enemy!  Learn how to fight back and never give up.

May 02

Satan, You Can’t Have My Marriage!

Is Satan Destroying Your Marriage?              

Screenshot_4Fight a spiritual war with spiritual weapons.  Defeat Satan and his demons and stand firm against his attacks!



How to Have a Strong and Happy Marriage

Satan You Can’t Have My Marriage is an essential guide for anyone who wants to win this spiritual battle. Filled with practical principles and Scripture-based prayers, this book gives you the confidence and faith to stand firm and fight for your marriage.

You Will Discover:

  • How to remove Satan’s influence from your relationships
  • What makes marriage work, and what destroys it
  • How to prevent affairs and divorce
  • How to dig out destruction and harmful roots
  • How to keep a financially stable home
  • Mentorship and guidance that no marriage should be without!